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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do Bodybuilding Supplements Really Work?

Bodybuilding enthusiasts and athletes have been using bodybuilding supplements since time immemorial.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can use bodybuilding supplements so long as you know what you’re using and your objective behind using that supplement. All bodybuilders take protein supplements, creatine being a huge favorite and with good reason.

Creatine is a naturally occurring compound that supplies energy to our muscles. Bodybuilders supplement their creatine intake by consuming creatine monohydrate which is the best source of creatine compared to anything else in terms of purity and per-weight-of-material. Benefits of creatine include dramatic improvement in lean muscle mass in as little as two weeks; improvement in recovery rates with respect to muscle fatigue, and better performance in high intensity exercises. Creatine gives you bigger and better muscles.

Another popular supplement that delivers awesome benefits to bodybuilders is glutamine. L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is found in abundance in the muscle tissue. It can be safely consumed all year round. It plays a key role in cell voluminizing, anti catabolizing, and overall muscle maintenance. Glutamine helps in the process of generating Human Growth Hormone, which is necessary for muscle growth and metabolizing body fat. However its primary aim is that of promoting a positive nitrogen balance and muscle maintenance. Moreover, it is also required by the immune system to prevent sickness.

Proteins are amongst the most popular bodybuilding supplements available; this is because protein is the most elementary building block of our muscles. Ideally, we need 1-2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. Protein supplements are either low-carb or weight gainers.

Whey protein is easy to digest and is a popular post-workout supplement. Casein is recommended as a bed-time supplement as it can take anywhere between 2-7 hours to digest. Egg protein is the cheapest and most easily available form of protein. Vegetarians have soy to turn to. There are protein supplements available in the market that are a combination of soy-egg-casein-whey protein. These proteins are a handy for an anytime intake and they offer a staggered rate of protein absorption.

Pro-hormones or natural testosterone boosters are important for gaining lean muscle mass improving muscular strength and muscle size. 4-androstenediol or 4-AD is an anabolic prohormone booster. It is converted into testosterone in the liver. It is a pre-training supplement that helps weightlifters and bodybuilders to exert themselves to the maximum. Pro-hormones help bodybuilders by increasing the oxygen supply to the muscles, quickening muscle recovery, and reducing muscle loss.

Nitric oxide helps to increase the blood flow to muscles and is therefore of importance to bodybuilders who use it to deliver a greater amount of nutrients to their muscles, especially when the muscles are stressed.

Growth Hormones aid in tissue growth, tissue repair, fat loss, muscle gain, and boosting energy levels. They are also known anti-ageing agents. In short, growth hormones are crucial for bodybuilders. What adds to their importance as a bodybuilding supplement is the fact that the body’s capacity to produce them naturally decreases after the age of 30.

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Bodybuilding Supplements for Men

Bodybuilding supplements can prove to be a valuable partner when it comes to bodybuilding for men. There's a wide variety of different bodybuilding supplements for men available everyone. If you're a man, you really have plenty of options to choose from when you're looking for bodybuilding supplements.

Before you go off and throw your money at some expensive bodybuilding supplements you saw in your favorite bodybuilding magazine, do some research first. It's also important to understand that a solid nutritional program is a must-have when it comes to bodybuilding, and no form of bodybuilding supplement can cure or replace a bad diet. Bodybuilding supplements should be used to compliment your already stable diet and bodybuilding routine. The proper bodybuilding supplement will synergize with what you're doing to help you get better and stronger at a faster pace.

You should have a good idea of what kind of physical as well as performance goals you'd like to reach. When you have your bodybuilding goals in mind, it will help you determine what kind of bodybuilding supplement is the best for you.

Are you looking to build more muscle mass? Of course, you won't be able to do this without hard work, persistence, and a decent diet. However, with these kinds of elements in place, the best bodybuilding supplements for you would be products such as creatine, testosterone boosters, as well as amino acids and whey protein.

If your goal is to lose more fat so that you can start building and sculpting more muscle, then this can be easily done with hardwork and a solid regime. The best supplements for you would be fat burning supplements and appetite suppressers. These kind of supplements will help you achieve your fat losing goals.

When you're building muscle mass, don't forget to keep taking your supplements even after you've achieved your desired results. This is recommended because stopping the dosage of supplements may cause some loss in the muscle. Also, be certain that you're keeping up with a healthy diet, you want to keep your body in the best condition possible.

To find the best deals on supplements for men, stick to searching online. The best supplements at the most affordable prices can be found primarily on the internet. Internet retailers have less overhead costs like rent and employees than a traditional supplement store would have, thus you save heavily when it comes to prices of the bodybuidling supplements themselves.

Natalie Aranda writes about health and beauty. She is fascinated about anti-aging supplements. Bodybuilding supplements can prove to be a valuable partner when it comes to bodybuilding for men. There's a wide variety of different bodybuilding supplements for men available everyone. If you're a man, you really have plenty of options to choose from when you're looking for bodybuilding supplements.

Can Body Building Supplements Replace the Gym?

Eye catching personality generally means well built up muscles with, six packs abs, biceps, broad chest and tough body. Today, everybody has a desire to look smart and muscular like a macho man. When it comes to the body language, it is all about how one conveys and carries one's whole personality. So, it is necessary to build up and groom the personality which alone gives the prima facie impression in front of others.

Very few people have a hurly burly personality with good stocking of muscles, but celebrities and athletes always try to maintain this to reflect attractive body postures. But the question is how to develop such body built. Most like to go to a gym to work out regularly. Apart from exercise equipments, persons are required to take Body building supplements which are the building stones of a stockily built body.

Bodybuilding supplements are supposed to be a kind of boon for the persons who want to have a sturdy body. These supplements have their own mechanism in the body. They give benefits by toning up the muscles to attain a perfect shape for a symmetrical body and vitalizing the physical stamina. Even while weight lifting; these Building Supplements can be taken to put off unnecessary fat. Along with this, some dietary cares are indispensably required; that is say one should eat less and quality food only, and after that enough work out is required to keep the body fit and healthy.

Bodybuilding supplements are available in various forms such as capsules, tablets, liquids and powder. Some have been heard to say that after taking these supplements, the natural hormonal levels are disturbed but it is just a superstition. Actually there is nothing like this, so one can use these supplement without any second thought. If doubts engross the mind, some expert must be consulted.

Basically body supplements contain proteins, vitamins, hormones and other such things which can boost body muscles. Most importantly it is necessary to know and understand the way of dose administration. If taken in adequate quantity and in a proper manner, these supplements start showing their effect on the body. For more information, one can visit various sites dealing with tips on health and body building.

Now no more gym or work-out haunts. What one expects in a fitness centre can be availed at home itself by using Body Building Supplements as per the directions given.

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